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Scania Lifestyle Product Philosophy

"Improving Tomorrow, Today"

At Scania, we do not have a separate sustainability strategy, it is the core of our purpose and direction as a business. Scania Lifestyle focus on taking responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet and creating healthy working conditions by making conscious choices across all levels of the supply chain. As a responsible business, we work proactively to reduce the environmental footprint from the entire value chain through actively reducing emission and resource usage and focus on energy efficiency in our daily operations.

To successfully reduce the environmental footprints, we must collaborate across the value chain, from partnering factories to consumers. Collaborating for change is imperative to lowering the impact on the environment and continuation of value creation for all stakeholders.

Product Development

We believe in the power of producing timeless and durable products developed for longevity to create value for our consumers. From designing each product with a clear purpose, to sourcing materials to minimise the environmental footprint in a responsible manner, this is the heart of our product philosophy. We strive to make informed decisions of the materials best suited for the purpose of each individual product and using internationally accredited certified organic and/or recycled materials. To better understand and improve our impact, Scania Lifestyle have actively measured all fibres and partial wastage from our own developed apparel collections since 2018.

The data enabled us to ensure all cotton usage in our apparel products have been 100% organic since 2020. This is an increase from the 73% organic cotton we used in 2018. We also found an average of 28% recycled polyester (out of all polyester usage) in Scania Lifestyle apparel collections since 2018. This is a number we are committed to consistently increase year on year. Scania Lifestyle successfully measure and minimise the environmental impact in our apparel product lines. In other textiles and hardware product groups, we are striving to explore innovative packaging options to reduce waste, such as vacuum sealing, reduced packaging materials and decreasing single use plastics.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, Scania Lifestyle acknowledge and empathises the importance of continuous improvements in all business operations to reduce its environmental footprint. We believe in deepening collaborations for innovations across the value chain to increase the product life span, and continuing making educated and conscious decisions throughout the process. To support such choices, Scania are committed to continuously learn and evolve. Right now, we are working to improve measuring tools and mapping what matters in the supply chain.

At Scania Lifestyle, we believe in the future of a circular business model. We are excited by a future with increased product life spans through second hand retailing and improved recycling facilities to enable a broader reuse of fibres and materials. This vision stems from our integral product philosophy when creating and developing each individual product.

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